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7-Day Forecast
Do you hate sitting for the news just waiting for the weather segment so you can check out your 7-day forecast? Well, wait no longer! On the U.S. map, click on your area of interest and get your very own 7-day.

Satellite Images
Are you waiting for the sun to come out before you schedule your daily plans? There’s only so much you can learn by looking up in the sky, but satellites orbiting the Earth see just about everything, and the pictures they take can show you where the clouds are. Check it out!

Radar Images
Do you hate waiting for your local radar forecast? Do you just want to know whether it’s going to rain or not? You can access current radar images at this site. On the U.S. map, click your area of interest.
The images at these sites don’t update as often, but will tell the difference between rain, snow and ice.

Forecast Models
Have you always wanted to see how meteorologists predict the weather? Computer models are the basis of every forecast.

Lightning Strikes
Are storms heading your way? Could there be lightning? Click on the “Free National Map” to see two hours’ worth of lightning data.

Severe Weather
Is severe weather heading your way? Could your area be under a watch or warning? To find out, look at these sites.

Track a Hurricane
Is there a storm lurking out in the open water? Is it intensifying? Well, now you can find out yourself.
At this site, you can find out information about past storms and check out there tracks.

Track a Typhoon (Pacific Storms)
We see our share of hurricanes, but each season the Western Pacific sees there’s, and these storms can be extremely devastating. To see if any are swirling at this time, try this site.

Tide Data
Do you want to go fishing, but need to know when the low tide is? Now, you can find out!

Marine Data
Are you going boating? Find out what the marine forecast is going to be like for your area.

Water Temperatures
Is it starting to get hot and you want to go to the beach? Scroll down to the map and click on an area to see the hourly water temperatures.
Great Lakes

Coastal Wind
To gauge whether conditions are ripe for sailing, select a boxed region on the map. On the next screen, click on a specific station. Then scroll down to see current conditions.

Forecast Discussions
Want to see how certain or uncertain the forecast really is? Your local National Weather Service meteorologists write up an Area Forecast Discussion four times a day.

Hourly Updates

MOS Output
Do you want to know the weather at a specific time? That’s why, in addition to the colorful graphics, the models also produce their own forecast. These are predictions of various parameters at three-hour intervals, including temperature, wind and cloud cover. Choose a state on the left side of the screen and check off a specific location on the right. Press the “Submit Query” button and it will bring up the latest forecast.

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