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I’m meteorologist Crystal Wicker. I designed Weather Wiz Kids® especially for children to allow them to learn more about the fascinating world of weather. It’s also a wonderful educational website for teachers and parents to give them the right tools to explain the different types of weather to children.

Meteorology – The science that deals with the phenomena of the atmosphere, especially weather and weather conditions.

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Have you ever wondered, why is the sky blue? The sun shines white and black light to our planet. The white light has all the colors in it. In our upper atmosphere, we have dust particles and oxygen molecules. The white light meaning all of the colors in a rainbow shines through the upper levels of the atmosphere and the blue light scatters across the entire planet. That is why our sky is blue. Now, during sunrise and sunset, the light traveling through atmosphere is longer at the horizon, then if you were to look up high in the sky. There are more dust particles and oxygen molecules at the horizon, so that is why you see such pretty colors like red, oranges and yellows.

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88% humidity
wind: 7m/s W
H 90 • L 74
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