Blue Sky Experiment

2-liter pop bottle

Fill the 2-liter bottle three-fourths full of water and prop up the flashlight, so it will shine through the bottle from the side.

Add a teaspoon of milk to the water.

Put the cap on the bottle and shake to mix up the water and milk.

What do you see? Keep adding milk until you start to see a blue light that is scattered to your eyes from the mixture.

Once you see the blue light, add more milk to the mixture until you see more of an orange or red light.

Just like in the atmosphere, the mixture scatters more of the blue wavelength than any other color. ’ why the sky is blue! At sunrise or at sunset, there is even more scattering taking place due to the angle of the sun. This causes the reds and oranges to scatter into our atmosphere. That’s why our sunsets and sunrises are so colorful!