Suck An Egg Into A Bottle

glass bottle with a long, narrow neck (an apple cider jug works well)
boiled egg

Put the empty bottle on a table.

Peel the boiled egg.

Light a match and drop it into the bottle. Repeat about three or four times.

Quickly put the egg over the mouth of the bottle.

What happens? The lit match heats the air inside the bottle. When air is heated it expands and takes up more room. As the heated air expands, some of it escapes out of the bottle. When the matches go out, the air inside the bottle cools and contracts, which takes up less room. This creates a lower pressure inside the bottle than outside the bottle. The greater pressure outside the bottle forces the egg to get sucked into the bottle.

*To get the egg back out of the bottle, tilt the bottle and blow air into it. Make sure you get out of the way, because the egg will shoot out.